Sell Diamonds is continually expanding it's network of suppliers. We have suppliers from all over the world including the major diamond producing nations of Africa, Russia, Canada , Australia & India .

We buy diamonds as they are mined, uncut and unwashed. Occasionally, depending on the supply and demand, we may also buy treated and polished IGI GIA certified diamonds directly from diamond, mumbai,India .

Do you have rough diamonds that you want to sell or polished diamonds ?? We will consider enquires from diamond mine concession holders, diamond merchants, small scale miners and diggers, and private sellers who are interested in supplying us with rough diamond stock from around the world.

We buy parcels of newly mined rough diamonds from mining unions and even single stones from lone diggers and miners, And polished diamonds from all over the world especially from diamond, mumbai , India. No parcel is too large, and none too small.

If you would like to be considered as a supplier please contact us.

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