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Buy loose certified polished diamonds. supplies the rough diamonds & finest quality IGI,GIA, IDI certified & non certified polished loose diamonds to jewellers, retailers, to all over india & many parts of world. A distinctive feature of our offering is that we supply diamonds, which are pre-assorted and pre-sized as per customer orders. And moreover we can supply any types of diamonds according to your desire & need.

We follow stringent quality controls to ensure that the diamonds match customer specifications on key parameters, such as- Weight Limitation ,Size Limitation,Shades and Quality of diamonds.

Our extensive range of polished loose diamonds includes: Round brilliant diamonds, princess diamonds, full cuts diamonds, pointers, stars, melees, taper bauettes, special cuts, oval diamonds, emerald diamonds, marquise diamonds, pearl diamonds, heart diamonds etc. Below is the list of diamonds, for more stock of our diamonds please wrtie to us on or

S.No Diamond ID Shape Carat Clarity Colour Cut Certified By
1. DS01 Round 0.29 VVS1 D Excellent GIA
2. DS02 Round 0.29 VVS1 F V.Good GIA
3. DS03 Round 0.29 VS1 E Good GIA
4. DS04 Round 0.29 VS2 F Excellent GIA
5. DS05 Round 0.18 SI1 F Excellent IGI
6. DS06 Round 0.18 SI2 D V.Good IGI
7. DS07 Round 0.18 VVS1 F Excellent IGI
8. DS08 Round 0.18 VVS2 G Excellent IGI
9. DS09 Round 0.18 VS2 D Excellent IGI
10. DS10 Round 0.18 VS1 G Excellent IGI
Cushion Diamond
Asscher Diamond
Marquise Diamond
Pear Diamond
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